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Demo Tapes

Demo Tapes

Demos Tapes prices are 5 eur (p&p inc) except when mention.

AD HOMINEM – A new race for a new world Demo Tape
"Strident forces of the totalitarian FORCE of Ad Hominem has once again returned. Bringing this time over 30min of provocative Black Metal. If you found a liking for the very agressive, straightforward Black Metal assault, that was featured on Planet ZOG! then this highly improved album will pound you to bits. With it's firece of a real drummer this time around, pounding your heart to shreds, ripping through your mortal coil with it's intense force of a truely bestial ATTACK! KAISERS raspy and pissed off vocal attack, agonizing guitars spawned directly for the deepest pits of HELL! Gather your arms, and kill yourself."
ANAL VOMIT (Peru) - “Sudamerica brutal” (Death/Black) Demo’98

ANGANTYR (Den) – Sejr
"Angantyr strikes back with the much delayed second full-length album! This tape carries the old torch of Norwegian Black Metal with a great result. 8 tracks and over 50 minutes of Black Metal done in a way that nails you to the music, comes with all lyrics! Harshly shouted Danish vocal attack by no other than Ynleborgaz (Tågefolket, Zahrim, Holmgang etc.). If you appreciate true Black Metal, look no further."

ANGANTYR – Kampen Fortsætter
"KAMPEN FORTSÄTTER" emerges a grand old feeling of Black Metal. Guitar sounding of like they were part of Arckanum's better times, vocals plaguefilled and ridden with hatred towards Jehovas followers! Over 40min worth of worshipping Black Metal. Fans of Arckanum, Ofermod, Burzum (FILOSOFEM-era), must add this to their wantlist. Denmarks pride, and the darkest shining star of the deepest of underground! THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES!

ANGANTYR – Endeløs

ANGRA MAINYU (Ger) – The Art of Blasphemy
Hateful German Black Metal assault from this oneman band, expect black metal done in the old vein of Darkthrone, Gorgoroth etc. no fucking trends.. This is pure devilworship!

ARANRUTH (Den) – Aranruth (Black Metal)

ARMAGGEDON (Fra)/BAALBERITH (Fra) – The Black March of Death/Satan Possession (Black Metal)

BATTLE (Fin) – War Messiah (Raw Black Metal)

BLACK CIRCLE (Swe) – Behold my visions and wisdom (Black Metal)
"Over 40 minutes of Black Metal done in the old Judas Iscariot vein. Mournful and truly grasping the quintessence of true Black Metal. This limited to 666 copies tape, will change your views upon the mediocrity that reigns all over Sweden."

BLACK CIRCLE (Swe) – The distant wind (one man band Black Metal)
... Will carry you to a time when Black Metal was not found in the closest mall, a time when Black Metal was cloaked in obscurity and non artificial evil. Over forty minutes of cold struck Black Metal to quench your thirst to. Hear the mournful whispers of the distant wind...

BLACK PLAGUE (Por) - “Under the Black Flame” (Black Metal) 4 eur

BLACKHORNED (Den) – Demonic domain (Black Metal)

BLACKHORNED (Den) – Troops of death (Black Metal)

BLODULV (Swe)/ASKA (Swe) – The purest cold precision (Black Metal)
"Over one hour of pure Black Metal from two of Sweden’s finest. Blodulv brings you slow droning Black poison, five new exclusive tracks for this split. Aska will rape everything in it’s way with it’s fierce powerful attack of harshly yelled, agony filled Burzum-esque Black Metal. Four new exclusive tracks from Aska. 666 proudly un-numbered copies! Fuck off and buy the latest DSO now!"

BRUMA OBSCURA (Por)/GORGONIAN (Por)– “Inner Hell” Split (Black Metal) 4.50 eur

BRUME D´AUTOMNE (Can) / TEUTATES (Can) – Unis Par Le Lys split (Can. Pagan BM vs. Hethen folk BM)

CELESTIA (Fra) – Dead Insecta Sequestra” (Black Metal)This is French Celestia´s third demo, back with their necromelancholic sound. This has been released towards the end of the year 2001 and the tracks at charge were meant to be in Celestia´s first full-length that was scheduled to be released via Darker Than Black records (whose owner is nonetheless the one of Abyssic Hate fame). This was a lengthy process that took care of the band´s destiny for quite some time, but in the long term as no results besides words were spawn, Noctu (vocals for this funereal band) decided to release it himself in Drakkar Productions. This effort is something special, limited to 1000 hand-silver-numbered copies, it is clad in the eerie concept that deals with insects and its fascinating, albeit horrendous world that in either ways seems so alluring to the Kommandant. The demo cover is professionally printed, has images of band members and a text that can be seen as a Freudian incursion into the depths of a psychoanalytical voyage experienced by Noctu. In addition to this, you´ll also find a cover from Burzum´s “Ea, Lord of the Depths”. The layout was done by me with the supervision of Noctu and excellent cover photo made by Celestia (this image is as you see it; no manipulations have been done ~ a MASTERPISS of those carcasses at the attic).

CHRIST INVERTION (Rus) – “Embodiment Of Goat Blasphemy” (Black/Grind)

CHURCH BIZARRE (Den) – “ Demo 2004” (Black/Death Metal)

CORPUS CHRISTII (Por) – “Tormented Belief” (Black Metal)
Portuguese masters of BLACK METAL! this release is a mindblower, intense like raging hell! Necromorbus (FUNERAL MIST etc) handles the drums and makes this record filled with a pounding punishing feeling. Horrendus vocals that screams of agony and hate. The production is just top-notch! Be sure to check out one of the most impressive albums of the year. Official TAPE release on THR!

DARK AGRESSION (Por) - “Satan the king of hell” Promo-live 1998 (Death/Black Metal) 4 eur

DARKNESS/MEPHISTO/VTA split TapeThree "hellfueled" bands from Italy coming in this split for attack your "pussy-ears"!!!! Darkness play Black/Thrash Metal with minimal and "harsh" production..Mephisto play"'80 devoted" Black/Thrash Metal like Bathory/Celtic Frost..and VTA play great "Sodomish" Infernal Thrash Metal!! Total "Bestial Desecration" in this release..limited to 666 handnumbered copies!!!!

DE LUPUS SOMNIRE– Rehearsel 1997

DEAD MEAT (Por) - “Reflections of gore” (Grind Core) 3.50 eur

DEMIURG (Pol) / BLODULV (Swe) / MONOMANIA (Den) – “Total human demise” Split (Black Metal)
Threeway split of POLISH, SWEDISH and DANISH ATTACK! All three performing their own unique styled Black ART! Demiurg hailing from Poland, including BELIAL from the mighty MOONTOWER HORDE, mixing traditional BLACK METAL with FOLK elements! Blodulv needs no introduction! Straightforward pummeling relentless HATE in the form of the WULF! Three new unreleased tracks, that is exclusive for this split. Monomania is a new dark shining Black Hole on our stellar winter sky, chilling emotions and a grand feeling of old times of Black Metal. A band to look out for. This is a CO-PRODUCTION between THR and FRENCH bastards of FORGOTTEN WISDOM PRODUCTIONS!

DEMONCY - Joined In Darkness /USA. Elite, pure Black Metal hell

DEMONCY – Faustian Dawn /USA. Grim, unholy BM

DEMORIEL (Swe) – Lifehatred (Black Metal)

DESTROY (Por) - “Inside out” - (Grind Core) ’99 4.50 eur

DIMHYMN - "Djävulens Tid är Kommen" Few copies

DOGMA (Pol) - “Testimony’98” / “Promo’99” (Death) Split Tape DOM

DRACUL (Swe) – Genocide in the name of satan (Black Metal)

DOMINI INFERI (Hol) - In Nomine Domini Inferi (Black Metal)

EMIT (UK) - "The Dark Bleeding" "EMIT has been deep down in the underground for sometime now, performing the same twisted vein as Abruptum, this contains REAL emotions, self-abuse, etc! This will make you feel like your worst nightmare. Pure agony in the form of an audio tape. If you can't deal with it, go listen to your melodic wankery!!"

EMIT (UK) - "A Sword of Death for the Prince" Dark Ambient/Black Metal)"Unleashed is the black ritual of Emit. Descriptions are not worthy the embryo of death that dwells within these tracks. This is the debut full-length album, and is by far the most complete work to date. Booklet comes with all lyrics, and words from the Unknown I. The voices from within EMIT is calling on you. This official cassette version has the same tracks as the CD version."

EMPIRE OF HATE (Austrl) / MORTHOND (U.S.A.) - split (Black Metal)

ESSOUPI (Den) - Aktiv Dødshjælp (Ambient/Black Metal)

ETERNAL PAIN (Ger) - Awaiting The Storm (Thrash Metal)

EVIL (Bra) - Revenge Of Iron And Thunder (Black Metal)

FLAGELLUM DEI (Pot) - Tormentor...of the False Creator (Black Metal)

FLAMMA AETERNA (Por) – “Forever Inferno” (Black Metal)

FROZEN CRUELTY (Por) – “Masmorras” (Black Metal) 4.50 eur

FROZEN DARKNESS (Fra) - "Ages Obscurs" (Black Metal)

FUNERAL FOREST – Misantropy an Intolerance
Fra. Elite grim ug BM, unreleased and rarre songs!

FUTHARK 14 (Swe) - Aryan Dawn (NS Black Metal)

GALGERAS – Rehearsal 1

GLORIOR BELLI - "O Laudate Dominvs" Few copies

GRIFFAR (Fra) - Of Witches And Celts (Pagan Black Metal)

GROG (Por) – “Madness Horror and Gut´s live” (Grind/Brutal Death) 3,50

GOLDENPYRE (Por) - “Apocryphal” (Death Metal) Demo’98

GOLDENPYRE (Por) - “Necroterrorism” (Death Metal) Demo’01)

HEKATOMB (Por) – "Um Túmulo, Eterno Trono“ (Black Metal) 4 eur

HELSEFYR (Swe) - The Land of No Return / Deadly Black I Am (Black Metal)
Sweden brings you the goods once more. With the new introduction of the Satanic duo of HELSEFYR. Performing Black Metal with strong hints of a time when Black Metal was dusked in mystery and obscurity. The same feelings communicate over this 35 min long demo tape. A new torch bearer has been born into the deserted world of qualitative Black Metal. Includes covers of Bathory, Sodom and Mayhem!

HILLS OF SEFIROTH (U.S.A.) - Of Disease and Desperation (Black Metal)
Truely dark and inspirational Suicdal Black Metal. Screaming guitars, distant agony-filled vocals, this will welcome death in it’s most pure form. Think Xasthur meets Leviathan (USA). Over 40min of exclusive Black Metal.

HOLMGANG (Den) – Runens advarsel (Black Metal)
This four-piece horde, pummels onwards! This is there full-length that will feature 8 tracks and over 40min of music! Raging Black Metal with the old grand norwegian feeling to it, reminds me of Bathory, Manes (vocals) and to some extent Trelldom! FORLADT AF LYSET!

HORDAGAARD (Nor) – “Ravnablod / Trollskap” Mix necro and folktones BM

HYPOTHERMIA (Swe) – Suicide fixation (Black Metal) 5.50 eur Few copies
"A storm of selfdestructive chaos will enter the room when Hypothermia’s - Suicide Fixation starts using it’s vicious methods of penetrating your inner self. Vocals done in the best SILENCER-esque way. Melancholic guitar work, forced drumming and a voice that will make you feel agony, desperation and disgust towards all that is human, towards all that is you. This 35min long suicidal trip will please anyone that is walking on the darker side of lifes crossroads."

IMMORTAL HAMMER (Slov) – “Immortal Past” Rarre stuffs. Fast, heathen BM

IMPERIO NOCTURNO (Bol) - Opus Tem-Ohp-Ba (Melodic Black Metal)

IMPIOUS HAVOC (Fin) – At the Ruins of The Holy Kingdom (Black Metal) "Impious Havoc strikes again! with an even sturdier release! Extremly convincing and in every way something that I don't come across every day in Black Metal. Taking there own style of Black Metal a step forward. With an unique and very varied vocal attack. Over 40min of that old branded Black METAL. Close comparisions is definetly CRAFT!"

IMPIOUS HAVOC (Fin) – The Great Day of Wrath (Black Metal) This Finnish horde just recently released their debut VINYL on SOMBRE RECORDS, in an edition of 350 copies, which by now should be sold out. If one would try to describe their music and sound, I would go and look for Finnish legends like Diaboli, Musta Surma, Baptism, blistering hateful Black Metal, that goes straight into action no keyboard intro, no nothing. Just Black Metal the way it's meant to be done, with a true anti-christian motive! this TAPE LP will be released in a limited edition of 350 copies

INFERNAL KINGDOM (Por) – “Our Darkest Black Metal” (Black Metal) 4 eur

INFERNO (Cze) - Fucking Funeral Attack 1997-2004 (Black Metal) 5.50 eur
Czech. All four 7eps from Inferno history on one tape, new and cult songs from sold out vynils on one tape! limited to only 300 copies!MC is limited only to 300 copies! Profi gloosy B/W cover!

IN CUNT (Por) - “In Fucking Cunt”, limited to 250 copies (Brutal Death Metal) 4 eur

ISTORN (Nor) – Gjennom mørke skogen (Black Metal)
Demo tape '05. Atmospheric Forest Black Metal from Norway.

KHARON (Nor) - The Fullmoon Curse (Black/Death Metal)

KRYPTEIA (Gre) – Hellenic martial virtue (NS Black Metal)

KRISTALLNACHT (Fra) - Creation Through Destruction (NS oriented Black Metal)

LEGION (Ger) – Dawn of the Cursed Seeds (Black Metal)

LOITS (Est) - “Ei Kahetse Midagi” (Extreme National Romantic Black Metal) Demo 2001

LUCIFUGUM (Spa) / SUNDUSK (Spa) - “Where the ages Disappear” / “As the soldiers pride rebirth” (Black Metal) Split Tape’01

LUFTWAFFE RAID (U.S.A.) – Empire (Black Metal)
A document of war and hate, chilling news breaks from the ongoing war, chaotic structures of music, inhaling the stench of decaying humans on a barren battlefield. This is a piece of terror, spread into the form of a cassette, over 40 minutes of ongoing battles will be fought on this one. The music evokes feelings of being thrown out into battle. Chaotic Black Metal on the verge to Noise, still structures can be found. Look out for this bands first attack this summer. TOTALER KRIEG!

LUNAR AURORA (Ger) – Ars Moriendi (Black Metal)

LUNATIC GODS (Cze) "The Wilderness" (Atmospheric/ Thrash/Death/Doom/Black Metal)
(B&W Pro cover) 4.50

LUX FERRE (Por) “Wicked Riffs of War”, limited to 250 copies (Black Metal) Demo Tape’01 4.50 eur

LYTOMYSL (Ukr) – I(‘)MQUI(nt)ESSCENCE 5.50 eur
"Hailing from the Ukraine comes this fully armoured beast of misanthropy and hate. Pummeling and hateful. Riffs take off in every direction, then guides back and hits you straight in the heart with it’s black misanthropic feelings! drums kick in and you know for sure that this is the best thing to have risen out of Ukraine. If you have to pick one title this year from the eastern realms of Europe, let this be your pick. Proffesionally recorded in studio. This is not your average band, this is above you. Over 50 min of music that will burn your existence to the ground, along with your last dying breath."

LUTOMYSL - Katharsis/ 2006. jet Black Metal Art (ukr)

MANIAC BUTCHER (Chech) “Metal From Hell” (Black Metal)

MANIAC BUTCHER (CZE) "Epitath - The Final Onslaught of Maniac Butcher" (Black Metal)
Tape LP '00. Raw and agressive antichristian Black Metal by a well-known band.

MATRICIDE (Swe) - Black Mass Gathering (Black Metal)
This three piece horde from Sweden, brings forward SICKENING SATANIK BLACK METAL! in the way of "THE BLACK", "FUNERAL MIST" & "OFERMOD" extremly harsh sound, yet melodies are implanted without loosing touch. Sweden is on the right track finally, after years of mediocricy.

MATRICIDE (Swe) - Blasphemic Fire (Satanic Black Metal)

MISANTHROPIC ART (Rus) - Burden of Timeless (Black Metal)

MISANTHROPIC ART (Rus) / SS 18 (Rus) – “Spitting acid blood” split (Black Metal)

MOONBLOOD (Ger) / INFERNO (Cze) - "Kingdom Under Funeral Skies/Ve znamení ohně" Split 6 eur

MOONBLOOD - RIP! Cult Black Metal from Germany vs. True Slavonic BM from Czech. Official licence from Sombre rec. Anti-nowdays Black Metal! Demo is limited only to 555 copies! Profi gloosy B/W cover! 6 eur

MOONTOWER (Pol) – Praise the apocalypse Black Metal "Latest FULL-LENGTH! and by far the mightiest release by Moontower! Official TAPE VERSION by us here on THR, and official CD version to be released by GREECE ISO666. Expect a new breaking of quality Black Metal submerging from POLAND, with new found POWER! One of those black diamonds among all the charcoal covering the ground. Pick it up and see for yourself."

MUTIILATION - "Black Imperial Blood" - raw black metal, cult demo from 1994 (B/W Xeroxed cover) Few copies

NACHTMYSTIUM (USA) - "Demise" (Black Metal) 5.50 eur

"Official cassette version of the latest full-length album of Nachtmystium is now finally available on a limited cassette version! Blackened hell will greet you through Nachtmystium's most worked through album yet! This is pure Black Metal desecration. Picking up the sword where others have fallen, wielding the torch where other has fled in panic, igniting the buildings of hypocrites. Setting the skies ablaze, black ash raning eternally under the reign of NACHTMYSTIUM!" Few copies

NAER MATARON (Gre) – Skotos Aenaon (Black Metal)

NAER MATARON (Gre) – Up From the Ashes (Black Metal)

NAHEMOTH (Por) – “Winds of Terror“ (Black Metal) 4 eur

NECROCULT (Bra) / INNER HELVETE (Por) - “Metal Satanic” Split Tape’01 limited to 666 copies (Black Metal) 4.50 eur

NETHERMANCY (Por) - Towards the Astral Twilight (Black Metal) Few copies

NIHIL NOCTURNE (Ger) – Necrohell (Black Metal)

NOCTERNITY (Gre) – Crucify him (Black Metal)

NORDREICH (Ger) – Am hünengrab (Black Metal)

OATH OF CIRION (Fin) – King of the Dragonthrone (Symphonic/Black Metal)

PAGAN (Blr) - ...And Darkness Is Above All (Black Metal)

PILATUS (Bra) – The Diabolical Trinity (Black Metal)

PROFANE SOLITUDE (Ukr) – Awakening in Emptiness
Misanthropic Heathen Black Metal! Demo stuffs and debut album on one tape! First name of today LUTOMYSL band! Before 54 min. of uncompromising Black Metal.
MC is limited and handnumered to 444 copies! Profi gloosy B/W cover!

PROFEZIA (Ita) – My glorious journey (Black Meatl/Ambient)

PURE EVIL GRINDCORE – And then you die

RAPTUS (Por) – “Antiphilantropy” (Black Metal) Few copies

RIMFROST (Den) – Funeral wizardry (This must be one of the best danish black metal bands)

SADOGOAT (Den) – Suicidal Satanic Death (Old School Black/Death) 4 eur

SADOGOAT (Den) /BLACK JEHOVA (Den) – Terror Cult/Demo #6 (Black Metal) 4 eur

SANSAGER (Den) – Fortid (Black Metal)

SILVA NIGRA (Cze) – Černý Kult (Philosophic Unholy BM )

SIRIUS (Por) – “...The Eclipse (The Summons Of The Warriors Of Armageddon)” (Symphonic Black Metal)
Released via Andromeda. Colour Cover - Professionally Printed - Good Production - 39 minutes. "Orchestral Serpent Line guitars swimming over the Stellar Ocean Epic, harsh and cold…

SKJOLD (Den) – Kirkebrand (1 edition) (Black Metal) 5.50 eur

SKJOLD (Den) – Helvede På Jord (Black Metal)

SPIRITUAL (Ita) – Ode Spiritual (Black Metal)

STIH (Rom) – “Shadow Torn” (Black/Gothic Metal)

STORM LEGION (Por) – “Statement…” Few copies
Stormlegion is a very fresh project lead by the wrath of Ainvar (Angrenost - rip). To achieve his endeavors, Ainvar has recruited Nocturnus (Corpus Christii) and Vulturius (Flagellum Dei) as session members, performing vocals and bass respectively. The band already released an EP via Hibérica.. The main sin of this demo is its length (nearly 11 minutes), otherwise this is an unrelenting blood dripping session through the system of Hate, with repetitive riffs or otherwise northern structures with at least a section slightly influenced by Gorgoroth´s pace. I am of the opinion that Black Metal could be murderous each time one pulls the trigger. Underfeed the beast, resetstarvation. This piece was released via Drakkar Productions in a very limited edition of 333 hand-silver-numbered copies w/ pro-cover. I take the chance to make my own advert once again: graphic layout and flyers were done by me, simple and raw.

STORMNATT (Aus) – Funeral apocalypse (Black Metal)
This three piece horde will definetly change your views upon what the Austrian Black Metal scene has to offer, this is crude, raw and with a slight depressive edge to it. Draws my mind to early works of Graveland mixed with the haunting feeling of the minimalistic works of Darkthrone. The vocals are very varied and dwells from Fenriz vocal attack to a more Kvarforth (Shining) like approach to the vocals. Just excellent! Bands like this will never let down the banner of true Black Metal. HAILS to STORMNATT!

STRIBORG (Austl) – Mysterious semblance (Black Metal/Ambient)
Haunted and eerie Black Metal, for fans of Ildjarn and raw minimalist Black Metal. However don’t let the minimalist "tag" scare you. This manages to create atmosphere that layers and layers of instruments and effects can’t create and that’s the true Black Metal feeling from a century back. It’s seldom I have been so impressed by a bands sound and attitude like I’ve been with Striborg, truely an individual among all faceless worms that I see around me everyday. Sad thing is that most wont even realise how good this is. But then again Black Metal never was meant to be a crowd pleaser.

STURM (Blr) – Ultra (Black Metal)

SVARTR STRIJD (Swe) – En Sista Vind (Black Metal)
From Sweden hails this oneman band. Stirring up emotions of desperation, agony, depression, sleepless nights, suicide, disgust. Every sound of this demo holds all of these components in a solid grip, choking the listener into the desolate world of Svartr Strijd. This demo should be seen as the end of Svartr Strijd. This will be the only available release, after this is gone. Svartr Strijd is gone...

TENEBRARVM (Por) - “Invoke Wrathful Lore” (Black Metal) 4.50 eur

TERROR (Fra) – The agony of wandering souls (Black Metal)
Searing screams, tortured noise and Black Metal stripped down to it's bare core, is what meets you in TERROR! Performing Black Metal to the verge of noise. Sickening atmosphere, ridding every existence of life. Over 20min of obscure Black Metal, put forth with a great and unique atmospehre, soundwise pretty close to Misanthropy (USA). Pure excellence!

THE SORCERER (Por) - “Through the valley of shadows” (Black Metal) Demo’97 4.50 eur

TRAGEDY BEGINS (Gre) – Thanatos & Katastrophe (Black Metal/Industrial)

TUATHA DE DANANN (Bra) - “The Last Pendragon” (Celtic/Doom/Folk) Demo’96

TUATHA DE DANANN (Bra) - “Faeryage” (Celtic/Doom/Folk) Demo’98

TUNDRA (Ita) - Ansia (Raw and primordial BM)

UNDER FETID CORPSES (Por) - “Archives of Urban Necroslaughtery”, limited to 250 Copies (Death/Grind Core) Demo’01/’02 4.00 eur

URNA / LESCH-NYHAN SINDROME - “Hanebüchen” Split Tape

VALAR (Fin) – Where Dragons Forever War (Black Metal/Ambient)

VASSAGO (Tur) - “Never Turns Back” (Doom/Death) 4.50 eur

VEDERVÄRDIG (Swe) – Demons (Black Metal/Noise)

VEXED (Ita) / FARSCAPE (Bra) Split (Thrash Metal)

VICTIMIZER (Den) – 5 Years of Violence and Skullfucking (Speed/Thrash Metal)

VICTIMIZER (Den) – Skullfucked by Victimizer (Speed/Thrash Metal) 4 eur

VICTIMIZER (Den) – Unholy Banners of War (Speed/Thrash Metal)

VINTERRIKET (Ger) /LEBZUL (Pan) – Split demo 2001 (BMDA/Dark Ambient)

VOCIFERIAN (Fra) – Triumphant Usurpe Beast (Black Metal)
Borderline psychotic Black Metal with a strong and harsh production! Screaming rabid vocals, uncontrolled by the hate! Pure and simply one of the better and more unknown hordes working it's way through the underground, proudly taking a piss at all rockstar pseudo-satanists and self-proclaimed elite that infests the so called underground. One hour of pure HATE! FUCK OFF!

VROLOK (U.S.A.) – Resurgence (Black Metal with Ambient touch)
Those of you who yet haven't been exposed to this oneman horde from the states, should immediatly check out Dark Whispers relase "Nocturnal Isolation" which really takes us back to the roots of Black Metal, a touch of VON, BLASPHEMY & PROFANATICA! Quoted by Diabolus (Vrolok) himself...Vrolok plays Satanic black metal the way it was meant to be, played for the glory of evil, blasphemy, and total perversion of the holy. Consider Vrolok a fuckoff to the trend scene of today's "black metal".Couldn't have said it better myself, HAILS!

WOLFTHORN (Ger) – Battle against humanity (Black Metal)
Wolfthorn plays Black Metal true to it's origin, with a very necrotic and raw feeling. I myself compare his material to Clandestine Blaze, Infernum and a slight touch of Weltmacht. Vocals filled with anger and hate will strike upon you, guitars with that claustrophic feeling, and drums that tears through your flesh with every beatWOLOK (Fra) - "Servuum Pecus" tape Obscure Harsh and sick release for one of the most "bizarre" reality in black metal now..this French band come with his first album and play a really sick black metal like Blut Aus Nord..early Abruptum and Mayhem..a great "cocktail" of darkness for a great and really "original" release..limited to 108 puked copies..

WUNDE (Bel) - "Call of Chaos" (Black Metal/Noise)

XASTHUR (U.S.A.) – A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors (Black Metal) 5.50 eur Few copies
First official TAPE release with Xasthur! The legendary debut album A.G.T.B.M now issued onto tape, with a new recorded version of the Burzum covers that appears on the same album, but this version is exclusive for this TAPE release! also features Exclusive layout, and over 78min of music!

ZARACH BAAL THARAGH (Fra) – Satan’s servants (Raw Black Metal) 4 eur

Tape Compilações:
American Attack – ‘til your ears bleed” Compilation Tape Vol. II (Por - 1999). With the folowing bands: SPQR (Can),Obliteration (CR), Twisted Tower Dire (USA), Garden of Shadows (USA), Unholy Death (USA) and Mystical Full Moon (Bra).

Asiatic Attack – ‘til your ears bleed” Compilation Tape Vol. I (Por - 1998). With the folowing bands: Mortes Saltantes (Jap), Bastardized (Sin), Perish (Indon), Funeral Rites (Jap), Teckocorak (Indon) and Dusk (Pak).

Black Eyes Aggression Compilation Tape” (Jap). With 08 Japonese Black Metal bands which are: The Under, Insanity Of Slaughter, Crifotoure Satanarda, Infernal Necromancy, Gorugoth, Hurusoma, Holokaust Winds, Old Serpent.

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Pursan disse...

Acho piada que todos sabem mais que eu próprio!!!Todos dizem que Angrenost morreu,mas acho que não é por Angrenost não se reger pelo tempo que todos se regem,anos,meses,semsnas,dias,horas,minutos,segundos,que se pode encher a boca para espalhar que Angrenost acabou...Angrenost rege-se pelo seu próprio relógio,o relógio do microcosmosmos,orelógio da Alma...Angrenost esteve este tempo todo a emcubar até evoluir para um organismo mais complexo,abstracto e mortal...Angrenost evoluiu para Angrenosticum que está prestes a soltar a sua ira sobre um mar de insapiência,um deserto de almas sonolentas...Agrenosticum é arte divina e a mais perigosa de todas as artes porque é pura,que procura nada mais nada menos do que se satisfazer a si própria,como um buraco negro,custe o que custar!!!Nunca dei entrevistas porque sempre achei que não devia explicações a ninguém...nunca procurei fama porque não procuro sentimentos efémeros que nos podem cegar e afastar do verdadeiro caminho...finalmente acho que nunca tive pressa de criar porque Angrenost regenera-se e cria-se a si próprio...como Deus!!!
Só escrevi estas palavras por estar farto de ver o nome do meu filho nas bocas boato,e um pai é capaz de matar pelo seu filho quando este é maltratado...Angrenosticum está prestes a quebrar as correntes que o prendem para vos encher a mente de frequências alienígenas vindas de dimensões abstractas...mensagens em código!!! ass:PURSAN

hellebaard disse...

Hello MD records,
I just saw your list on your blogspot and I wanted to ask if you still sell the Lunar Aurora - Ars Moriendi tape, for 5 euro's if I were right. Because ifso I would then like to buy it imediatly!

Best regards,


hellebaard disse...

Hello MD records,
I just saw your list on your blogspot and I wanted to ask if you still sell the Lunar Aurora - Ars Moriendi tape, for 5 euro's if I were right. Because ifso I would then like to buy it imediatly!