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CD´s 13 eur /MCD 8 eur (p&p inc)

AD NOCTUM (Den) – "The Excellence of Supremacy" (Black Metal)

ANOXIA (Den) – "Melanchollison" (Death Metal)

ANOXIA (Den) – "Far From This Time…" (Death Metal)

BRANIKALD (Rus) – "Winterkald " (NS Black Metal)

CRIMSON MOON (U.S.A.) – "Under the Serpent Spell" (Occult Black Metal)

EMIT (U.K.) – "A Sword of Death for the Prince" (Dark Ambient/Black Metal)

GOATFIRE (Ita) – "Fiendish Ruminations" (Black Metal)

GOATFIRE (Ita) – "Sacrophobic Initiation" (Black Metal)

HELLWARD (Chi) - "Heavy Fvckn Black" (Almighty NWOBHM + Black Fuckin' Metal !!!)

IMPIOUS HAVOC (Fin) – "At the Ruins of the Holy Kingdom" (Black Metal)

INFINITY (Net) – "The Birth of Death" (Black Metal)

INFINITY (Net) – "Enter the Labyrint of Hell" (Black Metal)

LEGION OF DOOM (Gre) – "Kingdom of Endless Darkness" (Black Metal)

LEGION OF DOOM (Gre) – "For Those of the Blood" (Black Metal)

LEGION OF DOOM (Gre) – "God is Dead" (Black Metal)

LUTOMYSL (Ukr) – "I(')MQUI(nt)ESs/cENCE" (Black Metal)

MOONTOWER (Pol) – "Antichrist Supremacy Domain" (Black Metal)

MOONTOWER (Pol) – "Black Metal Terror" (Black Metal)

MORT (Ger) – "Godless Domain" (Raw Black Metal)

MYRING (Fin) – "Engage the Enemy" (Melodic Black Metal)

MAKE A CHANGE…KILL YOURSELF (Den) - (Both 1 & 2 edition)

EXMORTEM (Den) – "Pestilence Empire" (Death Metal)

NEFANDUS (Swe) – "The Nightwinds Carried Our Names…" (Black Metal)

Hypnotising, ambient, recorded in the wilderness, in decaying suburban environments, this is not the standard Black Metal release, in fact it's not Black Metal, it's a Dark Ambient project, with among others, Ravenlord of Woods of Infinity behind the group, consisting of 4 other members. If you want a soundscape that provides you with hate, with a sense of being there, that provokes your feelings, a CD without comprimise, over 70min of the darkest of ambient/ritualistic sound to be discovered. Comes crowned in maybe the best looking booklet I ever seen. All in all, don't miss out. This will be a trip you will not forget

NOCTIFER (Ita) – "Odiosa Vis Astrorum" (War Metal, Marduk style) MCD

NORTHSTREAM (Rus) – "Time of Thriumphal Cleanliness" (Black Metal) MCD


PROCESS (Den) – "Póg Mo Thón" (Thrash Metal)

PUTRID SCUM –"Psychosexualcyberspacefuckgrindsplatterdeathcore!"

SAGNTID (Den) – "Crows Awaiting Murder" (Dark Ambient/Atmospheric)

SILVA NIGRA (Cze) /BLODARV (Den) - "Symbol of Hate (1.4.2002 - The Church of St. Katerina)/Deamonis" (Raw Black Metal/Black Metal)

SVARTAHRID (Nor) – "Forthcoming Storm" (Black Metal)

THROMDARR (Fin) – "Northstorm Arrives" (Black/Death/Heavy Metal)

TWILIGHT (U.S.A.) – "Twilight" (Black Metal)

VARGLEIDE (Rus) – "When Only Ashes and Scorched Earth are Left Behind" (NS Black Metal)

VARMGARD (Den) – "In Silent Tears…" (Death/Black)

VORNOFF (Den) – "Forledt" (Dark Ambient)

WEEPING BIRTH (Swe) – "A Painting of Raven and Rape" (Brutal Black/Death Metal)

WOODS OF INFINITY (Swe) – "Hejdå" (Black Metal)

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