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The prices are 6 eur (p&p inc) except when mention.

ACHAEMENID (U.S.A.) - " As Night Sets on Aryana" (Raw Black Metal)

ARANRUTH (Den) – "Aranruth" (Black Metal)

BLACKHORNED (Den) – " Infernal Journey" (Black Metal)

BLACKHORNED (Den) / Vanvid (Den) – “United Forces of Evil" (BM/Raw BM)

BLODARV (Den) – “Mysteriis" (Black Metal)

BLODARV (Den) – “Beyond life" (Black Metal)

BLODARV (Den) – “Murder in the Name of Satan" (Black Metal)

DAWN OF DIVISION (Gre) – “Outrage of Desolation" (Majestic Black Metal)

DEADLY SINS (Den)– “Among Confused” (Melodic Death/Power Metal)

DESTROY (Por) - “Access Denied” (Grind Core) 02

(Booklet with lyrics…) 5 eur

EXEKRATOR (Den) – “Sperstitionis Maleficiae” (Heavy/Black Metal)

FULL MOON LYCANTHROPY (Den) – “Eleven Horrors” (Melodic Black Metal)

FULL MOON LYCANTHROPY (Den) - “Lupine Vehemence” (Melodic Black Metal)

GRIMNISMÁL (Den) - “Grimnismál” (Pagan/Melodic Doom Metal)

GRIMNISMÁL (Den) – “De Urgamle Stier” (Pagan/Melodic Doom Metal)

GRIMNISMÁL (Den) – “Asablót/The Pagan Survival” (Pagan/Melodic Doom Metal)

GRIMNISMÁL (Den) – “Vintvarsel” (Pagan/Melodic Doom Metal)

GRANHAMMER (Den) – “Enthroned in Darkness” (Black Metal)

GRANHAMMER (Den) – “Unleash the Storm” (Black Metal)

ILLUMINOUS (Den) – “Glory of Death” (Melodic Doom/Death Metal)

INCOMPARABLE – “Lost the track of time”

Mørkriket (Ger) – “Mørkriket” (Black Metal)

MORTINATUM/FORESTDOME/GHAZHKULL“Iberian Black Metal War” (3 spanish Black Metal split)

OBSCVRII LVNAE (Por) - “Ruina Granitica” (Black Metal)
5 eur

RAVISHING (Den) – “A Study in Psychotic Terror” (Death/Black Metal)

RAVISHING (Den) – “Corpse Eater” (Death/Black Meatl)

RAVISHING (Den) – “Gravewhisper” (Death/Black Metal)

RAVISHING (Den) – “Bride in Shrouds” (Death/Black Metal)

SADOGOAT (Den) – “Sadomatic Goat Cult/Nuclear Rehearsal 19.10.03” (Old school Black Metal) 6 eur

SANSAGER (Den) – “Fortid” (Black Metal)

SUICIDE / CIDESPHERE (Tur) – “Spiritual Mess” / “Dying in Confusion” (Death Metal) Split CD-R

SPIRITUAL (Den) – “Iceland” (Black Metal)

“The Silent Shining Compilation” (Hol) – “The first attack”: OPHIDIAN (Ita), DWEORGESBLOD (Ger), ASTRAY (Fin), ORDO DRACONIS (Hol), SECRETS Of THE MOON (Ger), ANTHROPOLATRI (Ukr), IMMEMORIAL (Swe), MOONSORROW (Fin), ISCARIOTH (Hol), LOST DREAMS (Aus), NEBULAR MYSTIC (Nor), TEMPLE OF TIPHARETH (Ger), THE HEADS OF ASPHODEL (UK) and PEST (Ger). (Coloured booklet with 8 pages…jewel case) 6,50 eur

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hellebaard disse...

Hello MD records,
I just saw your list on your blogspot and I wanted to ask if you still sell the Lunar Aurora - Ars Moriendi tape, for 5 euro's if I were right. Because ifso I would then like to buy it imediatly!

Best regards,